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Surgical masks are an essential commodity in today’s world. With new variations adding to the global pandemic, safety is a priority for most people. Surgical masks are the only known effective nose and mouth covering that keeps pathogens and viruses at bay. They are manufactured in large quantities to meet the growing demand for these effective masks.

But how do surgical masks protect against airborne pathogens? How can you properly use these masks to keep yourself safe? Keep reading to learn more about surgical masks, their advantages and usage tips. This can help you utilise them better to suit your lifestyle.

What Is a Surgical Mask?

A surgical mask is protective equipment generally used by healthcare workers to serve as a filter for direct inhalation through the nasal tract and to cover the mouth. It filters harmful pollutants, pathogens and aerosols, which can cause fatal diseases.

Do surgical masks protect against airborne pathogens? Yes. They are incredibly effective against such pathogens, making them suitable for usage by all patrons, including medical professionals and commoners, to keep themselves safe. 

Advantages of Using a Surgical Mask

A surgical mask is designed to be suitable for everyone with a simple and effective design. Here are some of the primary advantages of using surgical masks:

  • Clean and pure air

Surgical masks filter out all types of air contaminants from the air you breathe. They serve as a filter for the pollutants in the air, which keeps the air you breathe clean. This trait alone is extremely beneficial in preventing respiratory diseases, such as asthma and bronchitis.

  • Lightweight 

Surgical masks are very easy to put on. Unlike cloth masks or scarves, they don’t tug at your ears or feel like an added weight on your face. This makes them suitable for longer duration usage as well. 

  • Inexpensive

Surgical masks are incredibly inexpensive. They are typically purchased in bulk because they require frequent replacement. They cost around 20 AUD when you buy a box of 50 masks. This brings down the cost per mask to about 0.4 AUD and makes them ideal for purchase by all sectors of society.

  • Ease of breathing

Contrary to popular belief, surgical masks don’t cause any form of obstruction to breathing. If anything, they help the breathing process by filtering contaminants. Surgical masks provide accessible breathing facilities, with the masks having ample room near the face.

  • Effectiveness

Surgical masks can single-handedly block all forms of airborne viruses. The deadly COVID-19 virus is kept at bay with the proper usage of surgical masks. Other bacteria are also barred from entering the nasal tract and prevent the spread of sneeze particles to others. Doctors use these masks when performing surgeries for this purpose. 

Are Surgical Masks Effective Against All Forms of Pathogens?

Surgical masks protect against many forms of bacteria. They are effective against very minute aerosols as well. They are effective in all scenarios requiring a filter for direct inhalation.

Other necessary blocked materials include fungi and pollen. This makes them very useful for people allergic to specific fungi or pollen. With excellent efficiency in blocking cough droplets from escaping the mask, they are preferred to help curb infectious diseases that spread through air droplets.

With how do surgical masks protect against airborne pathogens, they are the best equipment to protect yourself from pathogens and must be put to use if you are in their vicinity. 

How Can You Put Surgical Masks to Use Accurately?

Medical equipment, including a surgical mask, has a set regimen to follow whilst using them to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. Surgical masks should be changed every 6 hours. By six hours, they would have imbibed fluids and become wet, needing replacement.

If they are used in medical settings, they need frequent replacements with every change of environment. Pathogens should not be transferred from one location to another, especially in hospitals. Proper disposal is essential to maintain safety and sanitation. Furthermore, used masks should not be directly handled as they may have harmful bacteria clinging to them.

Dexcon | Leading Medical Device and PPE Supplier in Australia

With the threat of an ever-present pandemic in today’s world, surgical masks are everyone’s best friend to keep them safe and healthy. They are extremely useful and have many applications to avoid inhaling harmful substances. The level 3 mask provides maximum protection against all threats to respiratory systems. They should be disposed of responsibly and changed every 6 hours for maximum efficiency and security.

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