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Personal Protective Equipment Supplier

Do you need durable personal protective equipment that can protect you from job-related hazards?

We’ve got you covered! Dexcon is one of the leading PPE suppliers of top-quality medical devices and personal protection products for the industrial, retail and medical industries in Australasia.

What Sets Dexcon PPE Apart?

Nowadays, many people tend to search for PPE equipment for sale and get them online. A PPE store or PPE shop also replenishes its stock more frequently than before. Similarly, PPE manufacturers and suppliers have been working overtime to increase production and satisfy demand.

With the current pandemic situation around the world, so much importance has been given to PPE for its ability to minimise exposure to infectious microorganisms and hazardous materials in the work environment, especially in medical settings. PPE may include but is not limited to the following:

So what makes Dexcon PPE different?

With Dexcon, you get what you pay for.

Our PPE is sourced out from our extensive network of industry contacts, manufacturers and wholesale distributors locally and globally. We take pride in our PPE supplies for the following reasons and more:

At Dexcon, we offer favourable payment options. As we work with the best freight and transport companies, we can also ensure the on-time delivery of our PPE supplies.

Quality, Medical-Grade PPE Supplies

As one of the fastest-growing PPE suppliers in Australia, Dexcon provides only the best quality PPE supplies. Check out what we have below:

Dexcon offers Australian-made surgical gowns (levels 1-4) that are resistant to tears and comfortable to wear. These gowns can be used in various procedures, ranging from low-risk to high-risk surgery.

Dexcon’s surgical masks are Australian-made with level 3 barrier protection. These masks are ARTG-listed, meaning they can be lawfully supplied in Australia because they are listed in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). They have a high level of efficacy and are light to use and carry. Our face masks also fit snugly and allow you to breathe comfortably.

Our P2 and P3 cup respirators are 100% Australian-made and satisfy Australian standards. They are comfortable and convenient to use and can protect against solid and liquid aerosols. These cups can also be adjusted well for optimised fit.

Face shields help provide an extra layer of protection by reducing the transmission of COVID-19. At Dexcon, we outsource our face shields from international PPE suppliers. These shields are durable, fit securely to your forehead and allow you to see through them. They can also be easily cleaned and adjusted.

Our nitrile blue medical and industrial heavy-duty gloves are perfectly suited for particular environments, namely, medical and industrial settings, respectively. They are stronger and of higher quality than latex gloves, and they eliminate the risk of latex allergy reactions.

Our sterilisation wraps are either single or double-layered (50-90 gsm). They are non-toxic, easy to use, flexible and resistant to tears and punctures. These wraps also provide great penetrability for sterilising gases or plasmas and good aeration after sterilisation.

Dexcon is a proud supplier of Australian-made liquid sanitiser that’s 80% alcohol and ALC hospital grade.

If you’re looking for PPE suppliers that provide premium quality service, check us out at Dexcon. Our PPE supplies are ethically priced to meet your needs. Contact us today!

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