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Medical Supplies & Equipment

When it comes to controlling the spread of pathogens in any environment, especially the COVID-19 strain, standard practices are crucial. These practices involve the combined effort of the healthcare institutions, government and economic key players.

But, as an individual, how can you combat these pathogens? How can you keep your family safe?

The primary level of defence against any form of viruses is standard precautions. With that, the use of personal protective equipment is highly necessary.

As COVID-19 remains to be a threat to public health, the market continues to strengthen the supply chains. However, it’s essential to choose protective gears that are medically tested and effective. Choosing quality and trusted products will help you protect yourself and others.

About Dexcon

Dexcon is a trusted company that offers the best solution in providing medical supplies and devices across Australia and overseas. We are not only a leading distributor but we also specialise in consulting, procurement and manufacture services.

We aim to deliver our services with utmost priority to our customers in the healthcare industry, public and private sectors. We understand the urgency of maintaining the supply chain. That’s why we consistently create breakthrough innovative methods to meet the highest standards of value and quality.

We pride ourselves in delivering real solutions that are tailored for all customers at all levels, may it be in the business or the public and private sectors.

Dexcon’s success has long been dependent on the business expertise of our Directors, Adam Cheers and Alan Bates. With more than 30 years of market knowledge, networking and customer commitment, Dexcon is already ahead of the competition.

Premium Products

Choosing the best personal protective equipment, such as masks, gloves, face shields or sanitisers, are essential if you want to prevent transmission. This is because your PPE should be able to withstand any anticipated exposure.

Dexcon provides disposable medical supplies that are top notch in quality. Our products have all the sizes that will perfectly fit the individual user so that any level of protection is not compromised. The right fitting must form a proper seal so that the wearer is protected on all fronts.

Effective and Efficient Supply Chain Services

We strategise our services according to our customers’ needs. We offer flexible options from payments to delivery, as well as competitive pricing.

Customer Values and Excellence

Customer satisfaction is our forte. We have set up an efficient management system so we can work and adjust to the standards of our clients. Our dedicated team performs to the highest level of service and support to guarantee on-time delivery.

Quality Medical Supplies: Our Products

Dexcon understands that having premium quality products is crucial for everyday operations. This is why we only work with trusted medical equipment suppliers to cater not only to our medical and hospital supplies but also to our other services.

Our PPE supplies include but are not limited to the following:

Our products are specifically manufactured to be safe, bacterial-resistant and durable. We know that transmission of pathogens is fast, so we never compromise durability and quality.

As a medical supply company, Dexcon Global has everything you need, meaning we’ve stocked thousands and thousands of these products so that your bulk orders can be delivered to you real quick.

Our Partners

Dexcon believes in licences, certifications and quality compliance systems. That’s why our medical supplies satisfy the Australian quality standards. This is made possible through the works of our partners that are experts in what they do. Moreover, these partnerships are forged to ensure that we can deliver and meet the needs of our customers. In collaboration with these experts, Dexcon consistently strives to create a unique and effective medical supply solution.

How to Order

As a bulk, wholesale supplier of medical supplies, Dexcon offers a simple ordering procedure that is convenient for our client’s processes.

For any enquiries, our online portal can help you connect with our team who will assist you.
If you would like a quote for wholesale medical supplies, you can also email us a list of the products you want to order. Speak to our team today.

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