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How Correct Usage of PPE Can Save More Than a Life

Personal protective equipment or PPE has become a household name in all parts of the world because of the pandemic. The safe use of PPE during this COVID-19 pandemic is a great help to protect people and healthcare workers from infection.

With the increasing demand for PPE, many PPE shops and medical PPE suppliers in Australia have emerged. You can simply search for ‘PPE shop near me’ or ‘PPE store near me’, and you’ll get a number of options to choose from.

However, before you buy PPE from the nearest PPE shop or your trusted PPE supplier, think about the proper use and disposal of such equipment. Do you really know the safe use of PPE against COVID-19, as well as its proper disposal?

What Is Personal Protective Equipment?

Making a workplace safe is not just about following instructions, training, supervising and encouraging people to work responsibly. It’s also about the well-being of the workers, even if safety controls and systems are applied. PPE shops also play an important role as they supply the necessary equipment to reduce the risk of exposure.

PPE protects the users against safety and health risks at work. It includes helmets, eye protection goggles, gloves, high-visibility clothing, face masks, shoe coverings and other devices.

Are you wondering about how many PPE for COVID-19response is needed by medical frontliners? A healthcare worker should have at least face shields, masks, gloves and protective clothing when working.

Why Should You Use PPE During COVID-19?

Since the start of the pandemic, there has been an increased risk to medical workers. It’s enough reason to wear PPE. A PPE works as a physical barrier and precautionary measure to prevent or limit the spread of disease and infectious particles. It also protects patients with suspected COVID-19 virus from transmission through contaminated hands or clothing of healthcare workers.

What Devices Are Considered PPE for COVID-19?

Medical Face Shields

Studies show that COVID can be spread through airborne particles and fluids. With that, frontliners in the medical field protect their eyes and face from infectious fluid splashes. Face shields are designed to rest slightly on the temples and forehead.

Surgical Gowns

Surgical or medical gowns are also considered PPE useful in healthcare settings. They protect medical practitioners and frontliners from getting illnesses or infections from their patients, as well as protect patients from microorganisms that could be carried by the healthcare workers.

Surgical Face Mask

A surgical mask is a loose-fitting device that comes with a physical barrier between your nose and mouth. It is used to protect you from liquid particles that can disperse when you (or the people next to you) are talking, breathing or coughing.

Medical Gloves

It is also recommended that healthcare facilities use reliable medical gloves to prevent the spread of the COVID 19 virus and infection. They protect the wearer and/or the patient from the spread of infection during examinations or medical procedures.

Understanding Medical PPE and Arising Issues

In this time of crisis, medical PPE is a must-have for every professional in the medical industry to protect them from being exposed to the virus. However, there are also different problems related to PPE. From the supply shortage to issues arising from dehydration and heat of a person using it –there is a need to assess these problems to make PPE usage more effective.

The common issues related to using PPE kits are excessive sweating, spectacles, fogging of face shields or goggles, as well as breathlessness, suffocation, fatigue and headache because of prolonged use.

Occasionally, pressure marks on the skin and some areas because of repeated use are also being reported. Skin allergies caused by the synthetic material used in PPE are also issues encountered, especially when you buy PPE from unreliable medical PPE suppliers in Australia.

In What Conditions Does COVID-19 Survive the Longest?

There is no confirmed timeline for how long the COVID-19 virus can survive on a surface. This is why the safe use and proper disposal of PPE should be ensured. However, studies show that the COVID-19 virus can survive a surface in just a few hours up to several days. This depends on various conditions like the type of surface, humidity, and temperature of the environment.

CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, found that SARS-CoV-2 can survive on the surface considerably longer than anticipated. They also found that the virus causing COVID-19 disease is very much robust at lower temperatures. It can remain infectious for a longer period under such a condition compared to higher temperatures.

The virus can die quickly when exposed to the UV light in sunlight. If you suspect a surface to be infected, disinfect and clean your hands with sanitiser alcohol or wash them using soap and clean water.

Dexcon | Leading Medical PPE Supplier in Australia

Proper wearing and disposal of PPE are important in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. This protects us from being infected. However, getting quality PPE from a reliable PPE shop is also a must. If you’re looking for medical PPE suppliers in Australia, contact us at Dexcon.

We offer premium quality medical devices and PPE. We have partnered with some of the most trusted manufacturers in the medical and safety industry all over the world so we can provide you with ethically priced imported and exported products to and from Australia. Our products include ARTG-listed surgical face masks, medical face shields, Australian-made surgical gowns, COVID-19 antigen rapid test kits and more. For more details, contact us today.

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