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Health & Safety Regulations - PPE in Australia | Dexcon

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things in terms of how we live. Face masks, face shields and various health protocols like social distancing have become part of our ‘new normal’. The medical field has also been forced to upgrade their normal gears to combat the virus and to keep themselves protected. From their standard uniforms, medical practitioners started using a full gear PPE while working in hospitals and other healthcare facilities to reduce the risks of being infected. 

Given that medical workers and even those in the workplace are required to use it, PPE shops have become common nowadays. Many people tend to search for a ‘PPE store near me’ more often, and the number of medical PPE suppliers in Australia has increased.

What Is PPE?

PPE stands for personal protective equipment. It refers to protective clothing, helmet, gloves, face shield, goggles, facemask, respirators and other medical equipment that can help keep someone safe and aid in stopping the spread of infection. PPE offers a significant amount of protection against viral and bacterial contaminants by preventing them from entering your skin, eyes, nose and mouth.

Here are some examples of medical personal protective equipment:

Who Wears Them?

Wearing a PPE has become a necessity for doctors, nurses and others who are working in hospitals, clinical labs and other healthcare facilities. PPE has turned into an iconic attire for these medical field workers. They are required to use it because they work around people who have been diagnosed with or might have COVID-19.

Aside from medical professionals, patients who are considered ‘high risk’ (children, elderly, those who just had surgery and people with severe illnesses) also wear them when going to areas that would expose them to infectious contaminants. It is also recommended for those in the workplace and those handling cargos to wear them because they are exposed to large amounts of people and foreign packages.

According to the Australian Government’s Department of Health, surgical masks should be given to patients immediately if they meet the following criteria:

Meanwhile, wearing face masks in public and other particular settings depends on the local situation. Being up to date with recommendations about wearing them that apply nationally and in your state and territory is important so you can follow them at your workplace.

How Do I Choose Medical Gloves?

Given the various types of hospital gloves, you have a lot of options when choosing the type suitable for you. Latex, nitrile and vinyl are amongst the three primary options. But first things first, identify what function and properties you need from the gloves according to the task you’re using the gloves for. Below are some key points to consider when choosing the right gloves.

Where Can We Get Them?

PPE and other medical supplies are largely available for purchase in PPE stores or PPE shops near you, as well as in many medical PPE suppliers in Australia.

Why Is PPE Important?

Health experts highly encouraged the use of PPE when the pandemic started to spread as a safety precaution against the contagious nature of COVID-19. Wearing PPE reduces the risk of inhalation, direct contact and ingestion of contagious substances. That’s why it has become an integral part of the new health and safety regulations that must be followed for infection prevention and control. Using PPE and other sanitary practices helps reduce the number of people getting infected by the virus.

Importance of PPE for Medical Workers

Medical workers directly assess and treat individuals with COVID-19, making them highly susceptible to the virus. They are considered frontliners as they are the main force that combats the pandemic, and PPE has become their armour during such crucial times. 

Working in this hazardous condition without any protective gear can leave these medical workers vulnerable to the disease, which can decrease our efficiency rate in suppressing COVID-19 due to reduced manpower. With this in mind, having full kit PPE is now mandatory for medical workers as a form of protection against the disease.

Importance of PPE in the Workplace

Being in the workplace allows individuals to be in close contact with people with unknown travel histories or medical conditions. They are also usually working in an enclosed space with little to no ventilation. This makes the workplace a breeding ground for infectious diseases. As a precaution, safety regulations are implemented in offices, stores, factories and other workplaces that involve wearing proper PPE.

There is also a regulation to businesses, especially those who are operating at high capacity, that requires them to have proper and effective measures that will ensure their workers’ and customers’ safety.

Dexcon | Leading Medical PPE Supplier in Australia

Dexcon is one of the leading medical PPE suppliers in Australia. We provide top-quality medical devices and personal protection products for the industrial, retail and medical industries. We produce and supply stocks to PPE shops in order to help them meet the high demand for protective medical equipment.

What makes our PPE different?

We take pride in giving PPE that can help guarantee the safety of people from infectious microorganisms and hazardous materials. They meet Australian standards and are suitable for various industries, especially in medical settings. We also offer favourable payment options to make sure that they are within your budget. Our partner freight and transport companies also work hard to make sure supply will be delivered on time and within budget..

If you have a PPE shop and are looking for quality medical-grade PPE supplies, Dexcon is here to help you. Contact us today.


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