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Emergency Medical Supplies: Choosing the Best Source

The need to have emergency medical supplies has doubled or tripled in the last two years. The onslaught of the pandemic really hit us harder across the globe than natural catastrophes did. That’s why medical supplies are what individuals and companies prioritise.

Given the high demand, there’s an increase in the industries dealing with medical supplies together with healthcare in general. There is a great number of suppliers competing with medical tools and emergency medical store supplies worldwide. Many of them provide online supply services.

Large well-known companies and brands also have their own supply superstore and outlet, and they have a wide variety of quality emergency medical essentials at economical costs.  

Like wading through a sea of options, it’s better to get familiar with general medical supplies and equipment so you will know what to grab and where to get them.

What’s In an Emergency Medical Supply

It’s necessary to be prepared at all times. It is way better to have a ‘grab-and-go-bag’ handy rather than gathering the medical supplies at the moment of disaster.

  • Diagnostic equipment
    • Ophthalmoscope
    • Thermometer 
  • Blood pressure components 
    • Cuffs 
    • Stethoscope 
    • Sphygmomanometer
  • Disposable medical gloves 
  • Diabetic materials 
    • Insulin tablets 
    • Diabetic socks
    • Infusion units 
    • Disposable syringes 
    • Blood lancelots 
  • Neurological hammer 
  • Dental products
  • Acupuncture magnets 
  • Ear pellets 
  • Orthopaedic materials 
    • Lower abdomen support
    • Neck and shoulder blades support 
    • Leg and ankle support 
    • Crepe bandage 

Benefits of Having Emergency Medical Supplies at Home and the Office

Emergency crisis can happen at any given moment, so early preparation is key. Having emergency medical supplies at home or in the office makes a significant difference in calamities compared to none at all. As doctors and other healthcare professionals may not be immediately available, keeping emergency medical supplies can save lives.

Long-term diseases—cancer, diabetes, arthritis and asthma—need regular treatments and check-ups. Medical supplies can provide a huge support to people with such illness either at home or in an office setting.

Having an emergency medical supply kit at home or in the office can help prevent any injury from worsening. More so, it can potentially save any hospital or clinic trips. For an injury that involves blood-loss, this is mostly vital. You can immediately offer temporary and basic aid to the injured.

Best of all, having emergency medical supplies can provide you a sense of tranquility. Just don’t forget to re-stock supplies regularly and ensure everyone at home or in the office knows where the emergency kit is placed. Check as well if it needs to be updated.

A fully equipped emergency medical supply kit can minimise the risk of complications with a medical condition or injury. Also, keeping an emergency kit close-at-hand can be economical because a wound treated instantly will less likely need more attention in the future.

Remember that not all people around you are as prepared as you are. So, in case of a crisis, your emergency medical supply can help a ton to those who experience injuries, may it be adults, kids or elderly people. A medical emergency kit shouldn’t be underestimated as it can be an indispensable equipment for all.

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Ways to Choose the Best Source of Emergency Medical Supplies

Retailers have to double their sales effort to stay competitive in high demands of medical store supplies during these challenging times. It’s also helpful if you know a medical supply organisation that consistently gives reliable high-quality products. 

From a consumer’s standpoint, you need to be cautious when choosing a source for your medical supply. A faulty medical tool can be detrimental when it comes to your health. Here’s how to find the best emergency medical supplies. 

  • First, it’s ideal to talk to your doctor or any healthcare professional you know if they can recommend you a supplier. These people are the best to suggest any medical supply superstore, which can cater to all your healthcare needs.

    Generally, you can find a medical supplies store close to nursing homes, care centres, clinics and hospitals. 
  • Next, you can check your local Yellow Pages under the category ‘medical equipment and supplies’ to know potential suppliers in your area. 
  • Lastly, for medical devices like scooters, extra trails, walkers, crutches, stair-lifts and others, doing online search for medical supplies near you is a smart move.

Dexcon Global: Your Trusted Medical Supply Source

When you search ‘medical supplies near me’ online, you’ll see various store options, yet unsure if they truly provide quality emergency medical contents. But with Dexcon, you get to choose high-quality supplies for your emergency medical needs.  

Dexcon Global offers a wide variety of high-quality essential products, such as Australian made level 1-4 surgical gowns, COVID-19 antigen rapid tests, POC and self tests, filtration respirator, anti-bacterial disinfectants and a whole lot more. With us, your safety is of utmost priority. We ensure you get the best that is cost-effective. 

We work with manufacturers and companies across a number of industries, including local and federal governments, for medical solutions and devices. And we guarantee to offer the best prices for you. Feel free to contact us today for more details.