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Buy Surgical Face Masks in Australia

Buying surgical face masks in Australia is quite challenging with the relatively high number of available options. Given that using a surgical face mask plays a vital role in protecting the user, it is best to select the product to purchase correctly. You should obtain the needed surgical masks only from reliable suppliers. That is, a face mask supplier with a proven track record of producing and distributing high-quality surgical masks in the entire country.

About Dexcon

Dexcon is one of Australia’s top providers of medical-grade products, including PPE and face masks. With our commitment to providing our customers with carefully produced products in state-of-the-art facilities and with the users’ safety in mind, we are regarded as a trusted supplier of high-quality and reliable products.

Common Types of Face Masks

A face mask is worn to protect a user against various elements in the atmosphere that are considered harmful. The use of a protective mask, especially a medical face mask, peaked and became a must during the COVID-19 outbreak. The masks have been utilised as the primary source of protection against deadly viral transmissions.

Presently, the following are the most common types of masks available in the market.

Cloth Mask

A cloth mask is made from standard textile like cotton. The mask is typically offered with ear loops used to secure it in place. A cloth mask is used to cover the mouth and nose areas. It prevents the user from breathing in and breathing out harmful substances, such as the coronavirus.

Previously, cloth masks were used to protect the user from known allergens, such as dust and pollen. However, this is now among the most widely used face masks worldwide. To boost the protection provided by cloth masks, many manufacturers tried to improve their products’ quality. This led to the production of cloth masks with better build than the conventional 2-ply variants.

Surgical Mask

A surgical mask is commonly referred to as a medical mask. It is considered a personal protective equipment that medical professionals use during medical procedures. A surgical mask is worn to prevent the transmission of airborne infections between patients and health personnel.

Designed to act as a barrier, this kind of mask reduces the amount of airborne pathogens inhaled by the wearer. Recent studies claimed that these masks might be protective because they can filter out or trap the droplets that carry the pathogens.

Surgical masks are also designed to protect medical personnel from accidentally swallowing or breathing bodily fluids during medical procedures. This is because these masks are made from non-woven fabric and produced using the melt blowing technique.

Do Face Masks Work?

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised many questions regarding the effectiveness of using face masks. But despite the limited data claiming that these masks are 100% effective, medical scientists are very confident that they work at certain levels. Many experts believe that these masks are instrumental in preventing other airborne infections and effectively slow down the transmission of the dreaded coronavirus.

Face masks can provide decent levels of protection when used appropriately. The safety that these masks offer depends on how well they are worn. A mask worn correctly is guaranteed to work best compared to those that are worn improperly.

How to Use a Surgical Face Mask Correctly

A surgical mask should be used properly at all times to prevent the transmission of infection. Typically, this is done by doing the following steps.

Check the manufacturer’s wearing instructions. Look for the mask’s designated outer side and position this outward.

Check if the mask has a metallic strip. If it has, make sure to position this at the top, and the strip is placed against the bridge of the wearer’s nose.

Check if the mask has ties, dual elastic bands or ear loops. For masks with ties, tie the upper strings near the crown of the wearer’s head, while the bottom strings are tied near the nape of the neck.

For masks with elastic bands, pull the bottom elastic band over the wearer’s head. Make sure to position this against the neck’s nape. Then pull the top elastic band and place this over and against the crown of the wearer’s head.

For masks with ear loops, hold both of the ear loops and place each of these on each ear.

Make sure that the metallic upper strip is perfectly moulded into the shape of the wearer’s nose. This can be done by pressing and pinching it using the fingers.

Carefully pull the mask’s bottom to cover the wearer’s chin and mouth.

Make sure that the mask fits snugly.

If you’re looking for face masks for sale, get your bulk order from Dexcon. Our surgical masks are Australian-made and ARTG-listed. Contact us for details.

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