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How To Choose The Right Mask

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, people have realised the importance of masks. Previously, masks were worn in polluted cities to protect the lungs from air pollution or by medical professionals whilst treating patients or performing operations.   With the COVID pandemic, everyone has started using masks as it is the most effective and cheapest way to protect […]

Your Guide To The Different Types of Gloves

The medical industry thrives on gloves. Can you imagine doctors treating patients or conducting operations without wearing gloves? Gloves protect the wearer and the other person from contagious diseases.  Unfortunately, various medical gloves like nitrile gloves are available, making it confusing to pick the right one. If you want to learn about different types of […]

COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test: A Comprehensive Guide

The COVID pandemic has changed the world, especially the medical industry. Many discoveries have been made to ensure the safety of the people. New medical equipment, such as a rapid antigen test kit, has been made to determine the presence of the coronavirus in people quickly.  Rapid antigen test kits have gained popularity and become […]

Why Should You Use Surgical Masks?

Surgical masks are an essential commodity in today’s world. With new variations adding to the global pandemic, safety is a priority for most people. Surgical masks are the only known effective nose and mouth covering that keeps pathogens and viruses at bay. They are manufactured in large quantities to meet the growing demand for these […]

How To Dispose Of Medical Equipment and Supplies

Have you ever wondered what happens to medical equipment and supplies after use?  Medical equipment and supplies are important in the medical industry. We can’t imagine doctors treating people without medical equipment and supplies in today’s world. These act as a defence against disease and illness.  Nowadays, doctors have access to a large variety of […]

How Reliable Are COVID-19 Tests?

How Reliable Are COVID-19 Tests? For two straight years and counting, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to steal the limelight from any other global issues. Though we can see a significant improvement in curbing the virus transmission through vaccines and booster shots, COVID-19 tests haven’t lost their appeal to the general public and the medical field. […]

The Advantages of Rapid COVID-19 Testing in Workplaces

The Advantages of Rapid COVID-19 Testing in Workplaces We are still amidst the pandemic, and we must take all the necessary precautions to protect ourselves, especially since we move around the workplace and report for work every day. One way to do this is by having rapid COVID-19 tests in our workplaces. A rapid antigen […]

How to Maintain Workspace Safety During the Pandemic

How to Maintain Workplace Safety During the Pandemic It’s necessary to choose the right hospital gloves if you’re working in a healthcare facility—a clinic, hospital or laboratory—in order to perform your task well with ease and comfort. You can choose different types of medical gloves that are available in the market. However, you also need […]

Face Masks: What to Wear?

Face Masks: What to Wear? Our efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 include the use of masks. However, knowing which masks are the best can be confusing with so many different kinds available. Whilst people can transfer the coronavirus even when they don’t exhibit symptoms, an increasing number of studies strongly indicate that wearing […]

How Rapid Antigen Testing Can Help Fight the Spread of COVID-19

How Rapid Antigen Testing Can Help Fight the Spread of COVID-19 Since the outbreak of COVID-19, hospitals and clinics have been working to find ways to test for the virus as quickly and easily as possible. One such test is called a rapid antigen test, which can give results in minutes. This testing method has […]